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Welcome to our city’s official website. Port Jervis, NY, also known as the River City and the Gateway to the Upper Delaware River is a small city located at the junction of three states, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

It has served as a transportation center for hundreds of years, first as a stop on the Old Mine Road, the first 100-mile road in America, then as a port on the Delaware and Hudson Canal and finally as a division center for New York and Lake Erie Railroad. It still serves as a regional center as the area’s major roadways pass through or near it.

Port Jervis is a historic town, but also looks to the future. We hope you will visit us!

Mayor Kelly B. Decker

I would like to Welcome family, friends, neighbors and strangers near and far to visit our many events and activities.  During July we will hold our 2nd Annual Dinner Along the Delaware and Fireworks Show, the Fireman’s Day Parade and the Arts Walk.  During August the city will hold its first Sprint Triathlon.  Of course there is always hiking or walking in the city along our Heritage Tra...Read More

Holiday Garbage Pickup
2015 Nov 24 – Garbage Pickup this week is normal for 2nd and 3rd Wards.  4th Ward garbage and recyclables will be picked up tomorrow (Wednesday, November 25th) and cardboard will be picked up Monday,... Read More
  • Schools Closed
  • Parking Normal
  • Garbage & Recycling Delayed

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