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What to do in Port Jervis


The map below represents the current hiking and biking trails that are being developed in the city watershed area.  Markers as well as signage have been going up and will continue for the next month or two.

Please keep in mind that these trails are marked with white, green, blue, red, and black markers.

Please do not rogue (make your own) trails and pack in, pack out (take your garbage with you).

Fines begin at $1,000.00 for those caught dumping or riding motor vehicles in the Watershed Park.

Dogs are allowed to be with their owners on the trails but please be sure to clean up after your pets.

Remember you are out in the nature and there are non domestic animals that share these woods.

2016 Port Jervis Watershed and Elks-Brox Park Trail Map

as of September 24, 2016