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Welcome to our city’s official website. Port Jervis, NY, also known as the River City and the Gateway to the Upper Delaware River is a small city located at the junction of three states, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

It has served as a transportation center for hundreds of years, first as a stop on the Old Mine Road, the first 100-mile road in America, then as a port on the Delaware and Hudson Canal and finally as a division center for New York and Lake Erie Railroad. It still serves as a regional center as the area’s major roadways pass through or near it.

Port Jervis is a historic town, but also looks to the future. We hope you will visit us!

Mayor Kelly B. Decker

I would like to Welcome family, friends, neighbors and strangers to visit our city and the many events and activities we have throughout the year. Some of those include a citywide yard sale, a 5K run, the largest local Soap Box Derby in the world, Stephen Crane Day, our Fireman’s Day Parade, many hiking trails, and a whole slew of special events to celebrate the arts, the seasons, etc. We’ve als...Read More

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