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The City of Port Jervis operates with a weak mayoral form of government.

The 2022 – 2023 elective offices consist of the following:


Mayor- Kelly B. Decker

Kelly Decker

Councilman at Large- Stanley B. Siegel

Stanley Siegeland eight (8) council members.

     Regis Foster





Regis Foster and Elizabeth Miller- 1st Ward

Maria Mann and Misty Fuller – 2nd Ward

Michael Decker and Denis Livingston  – 3rd Ward

Melissa Newhauser and Timothy Simmons – 4th Ward


The city is divided into four (4) wards. Each ward is divided into two (2) election districts each, noted as 1 or 2.

The Mayor is the chief executive officer and the council members vote and pass local laws, ordinances and resolutions.

The Mayor appoints a City Attorney whose duties are of legal adviser for the municipality.