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City Resources

The City of Port Jervis is rich in history and culture. The community’s desirable location nestled between the mountains of an abundance of natural resources. The Delaware River supplies ample recreational activities and enjoyment in the warmer months. Parks of varying sizes and amenities are plentiful. Old fashioned traditions like the firemen’s parade and soapbox derby are well attended events. There are Art galleries and antiques shops that offer a unique charm to the presence of the downtown district.



This page contains a copy of the bills as issued it does not provide amounts currently due.  Please contact the City Clerk office at 845-858-4000 ext 4014 for further information.

School tax bills can be found on the website of the Port Jervis City School District.  https://www.pjschools.org/departments/business-office/budget-school-taxes/school-taxes


County Tax Bills

2018_OC County Tax Bills

PJ County 2019

2020_PJ County Tax

2021 Port Jervis Orange County Tax Bills


City Tax Bills

2018 City PJ Tax

PJ City 2019

2020 Port Jervis City Tax Bills

2021 Port Jervis City Tax Bills




Port Jervis is the safest city in Orange County due to the diligence of the local Police Department, assistance from the County’s sheriff’s department and area residents through the local neighborhood watch groups. Details regarding public safety programs and crime statistics are found on the police department website.



Annual open air concerts in Riverside Park features talented bands/musicians from the Tri-State area.


Annual festivals include the Dazzle on the Delaware Dinner and Fireworks Show, Arts Walk, Fall Foliage & Chriskindlmarkt.  Each event promises a delightful time.


Railroad history abounds in this city, with the preservation of the Erie Depot in the downtown district, the Erie Railroad Turntable and display of authentic railcars and memorabilia housed in the Port Jervis Community Center at 134 Pike Street.


Two museums, Fort Decker and Port Jervis Fire Museum and two art galleries, CedarWood Art Center and UpFront Exhibition Space & Art Gallery. Artist venues abound through local cafes in the area.



14 Parks – roller hockey rink, skateboard park, baseball leagues, tennis courts, basketball courts, hand ball, playground, fishing

Delaware Heritage Trail – 6 miles

Community Recreation Center

Physical Fitness Facilities

Bowling Lanes

Organized sport activities (youth)

Recreational day trips – sponsored by Recreation Department and Senior Club

Canoeing, rafting and kayaking


Dance Center

Golf course (outskirts of Port Jervis)




The city of Port Jervis is progressively moving forward with “green initiatives” for the benefit of the community. Some of the projects consist of improving green space with grant funds, installation of bike racks for bicyclists and mobility around the city, and proposed community garden.


The municipality continues to find solutions that are eco-conscious and minimize costs for our constituents. An example is the latest technology, in water clarification.  Also, efforts have been coordinated with solar energy companies to identify city owned buildings and property  for the feasibility of installation of solar panels, again, to help reduce energy cost.


Annually, the Farmer’s Market supplies fresh produce from local farmers in the Tri-State area. The market is sponosred by the City of Port Jervis. Open late June to mid – November.




The Port Jervis Community Garden creates green space and gives area residents the chance to grow their own food.  Our Community Garden inspires and educates residents about the environment and nutrition, encourages personal investment in and cooperative ownership of community assets and reverses the effects of urban blight and revitalize community life.


Benefits of urban agriculture include:

  • Alternative source of fresh produce.
  • Preservation of cultural identity and traditions.
  • Food grown on these plots can be kept for personal consumption or used to procure supplemental income.
  • Contribute to community revitalization.


Help for Senior Citizens in the Port Jervis, New York area <Click Here>