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Posted on: January 31st, 2020

2020 January 31 -Notice of Availability of Draft Scope and Public Scoping Session

Orange County – The City of Port Jervis Common Council, as lead agency, has made the Draft Scope for the proposed City of Port Jervis / Town of Deerpark Annexation Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement. The Draft Scope is available from Port Jervis City Hall and online at: 2020 Jan 31 PJ Deerpark DGEIS_Draft Scoping Document (ID 1945274). The  public scoping session on the Draft Scope was held on February 10, 2020 at 6:30 pm at the City of Port Jervis City Hall, 20 Hammond Street, Port Jervis, NY. – Comments are accepted in the City Clerks office until Wednesday, February 19th.  Comment forms can also be attained at the City Clerks office.

The action involves the annexation of two groups of parcels, encompassing up to about 121 acres, into the City of Port Jervis. The Proposed Action also includes the extension of the City’s Water/Sewer infrastructure into both groups of parcels. The groups of parcels are located at 123 Ryan St., 59 US Rte 209, 82 Towpath Rd., 86 Towpath Rd, and 39 Maple Ave S.

Contact: Robin Waizenegger, Phone: (845) 858-4000, E-mail: robinwaizenegger@portjervisny.gov .

2020 Jan 31 PJ Deerpark DGEIS_Draft Scoping Document (ID 1945274)