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Tri-State Triathlon

Posted on: August 1st, 2015

The City of Port Jervis will be hosting our 1st “Tri-State Triathlon.” ¬†Staff, local officials, our generous sponsors, and dedicated volunteers, we are excited to welcome you to the inaugural event.

The Tri-State Triathlon (TST) is not just a race, but a demonstration of community support, spirit and pride. We are proud of the beautiful City of Port Jervis and all that Orange County has to offer our racers, family members and friends who travel from across the country to compete at this extraordinary race that features the beautiful Delaware River landscape.

The TST is a celebration of all the training and effort exercised by every athlete who prepares to participate; a combination of thousands of miles of swimming, biking and running to get to the starting line and demonstrate spirit and endurance. There is an intrinsic connection among our race participants, the hundreds of spectators who line our streets to cheer, and our countless, dedicated volunteers who give this event a steady pulse. The energy and excitement this event will produce will soar with every cheer and every passing mile marker.

Thanks to the tireless devotion of the Tri-State Triathlon volunteers, sponsors and our race participants, the TST will grow into a prestigious global event and one of the best venues that gives so much back to the community. Local businesses will be boosted by the large economic impact generated by the hundreds of racers and visitors who travel to our county.

Good luck to all of you on race day, we hope to see you there!

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