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Homestead Program

Posted on: August 5th, 2017

The Port Jervis Homestead Program has now been accepted and approved by the Common Council and the city is ready to move forward on the first property for sale.

Please be sure to read ALL the Information I have provided for the program as it is extremely important.

We decided to only sell one property at this time so that our city personnel can get the swing of how the program works.


PROPERTY TO BE SOLD: 35 Orchard Street; Port Jervis, New York 12771

OPENING BID: $5,000.00: Remember there are expectations that need to be met and abided by per the program rules.

OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, August 26, 2017 – 1:00pm – 6:00pm

SEALED BIDS DELIVERED BEFORE: Friday, September 22, 2017 before 2:00pm (NOTE: MUST be in hand of the City Clerk, NOT postmarked)

REVIEW OF PROPOSALS: by the city will be done prior to the council meeting on Monday, September 25, 2017.

COUNCIL APPROVAL OF SALE: The council will approve the sale and send to our Attorney for closing.


NEED HELP?:  Every Port Jervis Financial Institution was contacted about a meeting with the city to discuss the program so that they would be better to serve those that might need financing for this program.  Below are the Financial Institutions that participated in the seminar and are aware how the program works.  You may also contact the City Clerk’s Office should you have questions.

M&T Bank 13-15 Sussex Street, Port Jervis NY 12771 845-856-5209

Nicole James & Karen Fitzpatrick


Jeff Bank Corner of Fowler and Ball St., Port Jervis NY 12771 845-858-5333

Patrica Korth & Meg Blaunt


International Bank of Chicago 2 West Main St., Port Jervis NY 12771 845-672-0128

Warren Tai & Lina Wu


Citizens Bank 5 S Broome St., Port Jervis NY 12771 845-856-5241

Cheri-Anne Olenick & Cathleen McVeigh


Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union, 111 Hulst Drive Suite 703A, Matamoras PA 18336, 845-561-5607

Patty Ganz ext 309 & Luke DeArmond ext 206


Below are the Rules of the Program and the Application:

2017 Information on Homestead Program

2017 Application Port Jervis Homestead Program

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