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5/22 Common Council Meeting

Posted on: May 22nd, 2017

2017 May 22– Port Jervis Common Council meets tonight Monday, May 22nd.  Executive Session at 6:30pm followed by the Regular Council meeting at 7:30pm at City Hall located at 20 Hammond Street (2nd Floor).  The 7:30pm meeting will be LIVE and taped for later viewing on Channel 23 for Time Warner Cable subscribers and we will “GO LIVE” on the Mayor’s Facebook Page.  Both will go live just before the meeting.  Tonight’s agenda can be found by clicking here: 2017 May 22 Common Council Agenda

Proposed Sewer Use Law: Proposed Local Law #7 of 2017 SUL

Proposed Local Law #8 of 2017 Tax Cap Override

Proposed Local Law #9 of 2017 PB and ZBA Publication Fees

Proposed Local Law #10 of 2017 on City Budget *NOTE the title will be

changed to reflect the body of the proposed law.

Proposed Local Law #11 of 2017 Revising Taxi Law

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