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2017 Budget Passes

Posted on: December 13th, 2016

2016 Dec 13 – The City of Port Jervis Common Council voted by a narrow margin to pass the 2017 City Budget (Yea – Randazzo, Fitzpatrick, Belcher, Bavoso, Foster and Nay – Hendry, VanHorn, Trovei, Siegel).

This years budget increase is 7.66% and equates to $9.57 a month to the average homeowner.

The council, after 5 workshop sessions, was able to reduce the Mayor’s proposed budget by $11,749.00.

The 2017 City of Port Jervis Budget will be $15,181,598.00


  • An 18th patrol officer will be added in September bringing contractual agreement to 100%
  • A new watershed caretaker will be hired without a reduction in manpower to the DPW
  • There will be no money added to the Sewer Reserve fund this year but Sewer Fees will pay for ongoing DEC compliance, repairs, replacements, and maintenance of sewer system
  • There will be no cuts or reduction in any service except
    • 1. for the Senior Shuttle that runs over state lines once a week due to low ridership.  Dial-A-Bus will continue to provide services in the city.
    • 2. The contract with Orange County and congregate service for the Meals-On-Wheels program will end on September 30th.  The county will continue, by law, to provide the Meals-On-Wheels home bound after this date.

Here is a link to the entire 2017 City of Port Jervis Budget


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