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23rd Annual Fall Foliage Festival Vendor Applications

Posted on: July 5th, 2015

The 23rd annual Port Jervis Fall Foliage Festival will be held on SUNDAY SEPT 27, 2015, 10-5 rain or shine

Location: Downtown (Front St/Jersey Ave), Port Jervis NY 12771

Sponsor: Port Jervis Tourism Board Facebook.com/FallFoliageFestivalPortJervisNY OR PortJervisTourism City

Clerk Phone # 845-858-4000, Vendor Contact # 845-856-1611


Thank you for your interest in our Fall Foliage Festival! Festival hours are 10am-5pm.

Set-up begins at 7:30am and must be completed by 9:30am

Festival vendor set-up specifics will be e-mailed in September. If you do not have e-mail, send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your application so we can send that info.

▪ Vendors must drop their merchandise, go park their vehicle, and then set up. Vendors may NOT block the street and hold up other vendors. Bring an associate with you to watch your merchandise while you park.

▪ Close-down begins at 5pm. When you apply you agree not to close early.

▪ We cannot promise merchandise exclusivity as we don’t always know everything a vendor is selling. If you are a consultant for a specific brand, check with your corporate representative.

▪ All participants must be approved by the Port Jervis Tourism Board prior to acceptance to this event. Unless otherwise notified, your application is accepted.

▪ Applications must include a signature for the Waiver, agreeing to comply with the rules on this page, and to indemnify and hold harmless Port Jervis Tourism Board, the city of Port Jervis, and their agents.


No refunds will be given due to vendor cancellation, poor weather or attendance factors. Space size: 11 foot x 11 foot, double 22 foot x 11 foot.

▪ Electric hookups require special placement, are subject to availability, and require additional fees – call 845- 856-1611 well in advance to reserve, or be prepared to bring a generator or battery backup.

▪ You must immediately adjust if you encroach on another space.

▪ At close-down, leave your area clean.

▪ Raffles are only permitted with a game of chance number from the NYS Racing and Wagering Board. No vehicles may remain in the festival area during festival hours without prior permission.

▪ If your set-up includes a trailer or food truck, advise and state the dimensions on the application.


▪ Exhibitors are responsible for supplying their own tables and chairs.

▪ All tables must be covered to the ground, with storage and inventory boxes out of sight.

▪ Vendors are responsible for their table security.

▪ BOTH sides of our street may be sunny, depending on time of day. Bring cover if you need it.

▪ If primarily selling food items, you must apply as a food vendor.

▪ FOOD vendors must obtain a health permit from the Orange County NY Dept. of Health.

▪ Merchandise must be new (exception: antiques); NO FLEA MARKET MERCHANDISE.

▪ Crafts must be handmade by the exhibitor.

▪ Vendors are responsible for collecting and filing NYS sales tax.

We appreciate your compliance with these rules, to make it a smooth, fun, successful day for all.

Keep this part; return the completed application with check payable to Port Jervis Tourism

▪ mail to: Port Jervis Tourism, PO Box 27, Port Jervis NY 12771

▪ bring to City of Port Jervis, 20 Hammond St, Port Jervis — Monday-Friday 9-5


2015 PJ Fall Foliage Festival Vendor Application Information

2015 PJ Fall Foliage Festival Vendor Application Merchandise

2015 PJ Fall Foliage Festival Vendor Application Food


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