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Public Documents


Change of Address Form

421f Residential Improvement Application

421f Residential Improvement Informational

421f Residential Improvement Instructions

RP524 Grievence Complaint Form

RP524 Grievence Instruction Sheet

RP425 STAR Exemption Application 2016

RP 425 IVP Star Tax Relief Exemption Optional Income Verification Program form

RP 458 Application for Alt Veteran Exempt

RP 458 Instructions for App Alt Veteran Exempt

RP 458 b Application for Alt Veteran Exempt

RP 458 b Instructions for App Alt Veteran Exempt

RP 467 Instructions for Senior Citizens Exemption

RP-467 Application for Senior Citizens Exemption

RP485 Business Exemption Instruction Application

RP485 Business Exemption Instruction Sheet

Building Department

2017 City of Port Jervis Licensed Electricians and Plumbers

2017 Paid Haulers

2017 Vacant Building Registration Form

13 Steps to Hiring a Contractor

BP 1 NY WCB Affidavit of Exemption to Show Specific Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance

Building Permit Information List to Retain for Your Files

City of Port Jervis Affidavit of Final Cost and Application for Certificate of Compliance

City of Port Jervis Application for Building Permit

City of Port Jervis Building Department Complaint Form

City of Port Jervis Electrical Inspector List

City of Port Jervis Local Agent MD

City of Port Jervis One Time Electricians License Application

City of Port Jervis One Time Plumbers License Application

City of Port Jervis Owners Registration Form 3 Dwellings or more

City of Port Jervis Owners Registration Form Single Dwelling

City of Port Jervis Plumbing License Application

City of Port Jervis Sign Permit Requirements and Application

City of Port Jervis Swimming Pool Permit Info and Application

City Clerk

City Code Contact Information

Freedom of Information FOIL Law

Freedom of Information FOIL Request Form


Notary Services

Parking Tickets Information

Tax Sale Information

Vital Records Information


Civil Service

Port Jervis Civil Service Application

Municipal Bus Route Scheduler 2016

Public Information Specialist.exam.annc.102916

Lead Water and Safety Specialist 2016

Community Development Agency

2016 City of Port Jervis CDA Meeting Schedule

Community Garden

City of Port Jervis Community Garden Application

City of Port Jervis Community Garden Rules

Delaware Waterfront Revitalization Plan

2009 Delaware River Waterfront Revitalization Plan Council Approved

Department of Public Works

2017 Garbage Pickup and Recycling guidelines

DPW Application for Sewer Connection

DPW Permit to Disturb or Excavate Street

DPW Water Service Application Service and or Connection


Proposed Local Laws

Proposed LL #4 2017 Changing Zoning District of 29 Jersey Ave

Proposed LL #5 2017 on Underground Utilities

Proposed LL #6 2017 Setting Building Dept Fee

Proposed Local Law #7 Sewer Use Law 2017 02012017


Local Laws

LL #1 2017 repealing LL #7 of 2015

LL #2 2017 bagging leaves local law

LL #3 2017 Establishing Rules and Regulations for Recreation Area


Local Law 1 of 2016 – Charge Engineering Fees

Local Law 2 of 2016 – Fees Added to Tax Bill

Local Law 3 of 2016 – Definitions Added to Zoning

Local Law 4 of 2016 – Change Auction Hours

Local Law 5 of 2016 – Snow and Ice Removal Hydrants

Local Law 6 of 2016  – dog control

Local Law 7 of 2016 – Residency Waiver

Local Law 8 of 2016 – Zoning Chapter 535

Local Law #9 of 2016 – Taxicab

Local Law #10 of 2016 – water services

Local Law #11 of 2016 – blacktopping front yard

Local Law #12 of 2016 – 421-f

Local Law #13 of 2016 Tax Cap Waiver

Local Law #14 of 2016 zoning change

Local law #15 2016 restaurant parking space requirements



Port Jervis Local Law 1 of 2015

Port Jervis Local Law 2 of 2015

Port Jervis Local Law 3 of 2015

Port Jervis Local Law 4 of 2015

Port Jervis Local Law 5 of 2015

Port Jervis Local Law 6 of 2015

Port Jervis Local Law 7 of 2015

Mayors Office

Business of the Month Fill-able Form

Planning Board

Planning Board Applicants Procedure and Application

Public Notices






2015 Apr 13 Port Jervis White Water Kayak Park SEQRA Resolution

Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals Applicants Procedure and Application